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Biogas Desulphurisation

Location: Coupar Angus, Perthshire

Client: Greenlane Biogas

Completed: 2014

Project Information



The new Energy-from-Waste plant at Keithick Farms is equipped with an upgrading system supplied by Greenlane Biogas. The waste air from the upgrading system contains hydrogen sulphide and other odorous compounds that require selective treatment. 


A two-stage scrubbing system to continuously remove odours from waste air emitted from the biogas upgrading plant.


Design, supply and install a two stage odour control scrubbing system which comprises a Kombi-Skrub™ Catalytic Iron Filter (CIF) and a Carbon filter acting as and final polishing stage. The CIF unit acts as a roughing filter removing up to 80% of the Hydrogen sulphide before it passes to the carbon unit thereby increasing the lifespan of the activated carbon and reducing the operational costs associated with media change outs.


Achieved the required odour abatement with 99% odour removal.

Design/Project Data:

Flow Rate:                          1,800m3/hr

Odour Challenge – In:      avg. 250ppm H2S

Odour Challenge – Out:   99% odour removal

Footprint:                           30m

Oxygen Content:               15.5%


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