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Odour Control

Location: Widnes, UK

Client: ReFood (SARIA)

Completed: October 2014

Project Information



The ReFood facility processes 120,000 TPA of waste food using an Anaerobic digestion plant to generate 5 MW of renewable energy. 


Waste food is delivered into the reception and repackaging building, releasing a broad and complex cocktail of odours that include organic acids, VOC's, reduced sulphur compounds etc.


Terminodour™ was selected as the most appropriate technology for this high volume low odour concentration application. The system's very small footprint was particularly suited to the sites tight space constraints as was the fact that no water or chemicals are required for its operation.


The system enables people to work in a pleasant environment and not have odour embedded in their clothes on exiting the premises, and of course ensures that no odour is perceptible at the boundary.


Building Volume:                               16,500 m3

Plant Footprint:                                 12 m2

Water Consumption:                        Nil

Chemical/nutrient consumption:   Nil

Media Consumption:                        Nil

Power Consumption:                       15 kW/h


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