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Solids Handling

Location: Grødaland Biogas Plant

Client: IVAR (Norway)

Completed: 2016

Project Information



In 2015 IVAR IKS appointed Purac AB as the general contractor for a new type of pre-treatment plant. The plant receives wet organic waste (mixed with garden waste) from households and industry. The plant’s capacity is 53,400 tonnes per annum (TPA), built to accommodate the expected waste in 2035.


The pre-treatment plant receives different types of organic waste, including; wet organic waste from households with variable quantities of garden waste, wet organic waste from catering businesses and other industries.


Lackeby designed and supplied 4 No Lackeby Receiving unit and 16 No Lackeby Shaftless screw conveyor in different configurations. The receiving units mixed and homogenised the waste to create a liquid substrate.

The liquid substrate with approximately 16% dry matter was then transported by specially designed screw conveyors and fed into the anaerobic digestion (AD) process at the IVAR biogas plant and biogas is produced. The facility produces renewable energy equivalent to 18 million litres of petrol.

The residual product after the biogas production is used as bio fertiliser in agriculture.


Receiving unit -        Model:    RU 60-4

                                   Volume:  60 m3

Screw Conveyors -  Dry Solids, Out: 16% approx

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