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Chemical Handling

Location: Rottenbach (Austria)

Client: VTA Austria GmbH

Completed: 2013

Project Information



VTA Austria GmbH is a processing and process engineering company for waste water treatment and environmental technologies.  

The VTA group of companies has branch offices in Germany, the Czech Republic and Switzerland and employs approximately 150 people.


Based on a successful company development VTA Austria GmbH set up a new headquarters with affiliated production and storage areas.


In cooperation with VTA Gerhard Weber Kunststoff-Verarbeitung GmbH designed, manufactured and installed a turn-key-production line for chemical handling and production of fluids for wastewater treatment.


Since commissioning of the plant, production capacities have been significantly expanded, production safety has increased and environmental effects have been minimized.

Project Data:

Installation Area (L/W):                            approx. 50 m x 35 m

Storage Tanks:                                           22 pc (50 - 56 m³)

Mixing Tanks:                                             8 pc (35 - 56m³)

Pumping Stations:                                     37 pc

Truck Loading / Unloading Cabinets

Exhaust Air Scrubber

Measurements And Controls

Plastic Piping  


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