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Odour Control

Location: Swansea Styrene Plant

Client: Envico Ltd

Completed: 2008

Project Information



Envico manufacture GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) enclosures, principally for the Gas, Water, Electricity and Telecommunications industries, a procedure during which styrene odours became problematical and caused odour complaints.


To eliminate external odour complaints and improve the air quality within the factory by reducing the level of styrene.


Design, supply, install, test and commission a Terminodour™ styrene abatement system and required ductwork. Due to the sensitivity of local receptors, Terminodour™ was combined with a secondary dry chemical scrubbing system acting as a polishing filter in the required areas.


Since the installation of the styrene abatement system, styrene levels have been significantly reduced and all objectives were met.

Project Data:

Building volume:                                          7,000 m3

Plant Footprint - Terminodour™:              3.77 m (L) x 2.5 m (W) x 2 m (H)

Plant Footprint - Scrubber:                         10.0 m (L) x 3.5 m (W) x 2 m (H)

Water Consumption:                                   Nil

Chemical/Nutrient Consumption:            Nil

Media Consumption:                                  Nil

Power Consumption - Terminodour™:   11.5 kW/h

Power Consumption - Scrubber:              30.0 kW/h 


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