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Odour Control

Location: Hull Waste Transfer Station

Client: Transwaste Ltd

Completed: March 2015

Project Information



Transwaste Ltd operate a 300,000 t/annum municipal solids waste (MSW) plant on the outskirts of Hull, Yorkshire. The vast majority of the waste is recycled or turned into solid fuel for heating cement kilns and refuse derived fuel for waste to energy plants. Only 5% of the waste is sent to landfill. Significant growth and expansion at the site triggered odour complaints.


The typical odours associated with municipal solids waste are organic acids.


Design, supply, install and commission Terminodour™ odour abatement system within the municipal solids waste transfer station and eliminate any potential odour nuisance.


Terminodour™ eliminated the odour nuisance in the MSW reception building, causing no odour to be perceptible at the boundary and providing a more pleasant working environment for Transwaste employees.


Building Volume:                              25,000 m3                                        

Plant Footprint:                                 25 m2

Water Consumption:                        Nil

Chemical/Nutrient Consumption:  Nil

Media Consumption:                        Nil

Power Consumption:                       20 kW/h


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