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Screens - Septic

Location: Broby WWTP


Project Information



Skåne Blekinge Vattentjänst AB, also known as SBVT, is a joint company that operate the WWTP in four municipalities. The population of this area totals 51,000 habitants and about 14,000 households.


Broby is a small WWTP and needed to reduce the sudden spike in biological load which occured when receiving septic sludge. The high load caused instability in the biological treatment process.


A Lackeby Roto-Sieve® septic unit was installed enable a short truck off-loading time with a high screening capactity.

The screen has an updated design to allow it to efficiently handle high flow rates of septic sludge.


All external sludge at Broby WWTP is now received through the Lackeby Roto-Sieve® septic unit and the offloading of a truck with a trailer can be completed in just 15 minutes.


Flow Rate:          Up to 130 m3/hr          

Perforation:        6 mm           

Model:                 RSS 36           


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