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Odour Control
Dry Chemical

Location: Widnes

Client: ReFood (SARIA)

Completed: October 2014

Project Information



The ReFood facility processes 120,000 TPA of waste food using an anaerobic digestion plant, to generate 5 MW of renewable energy which is injected into the national gas grid.


The digesters are fitted with double membranes on the roof which provide variable gas storage volumes. Air is fed into the gap between the two membranes which becomes contaminated from Hydrogen Sulphide that bleeds through the first gas membrane, when the air exits the membrane an odour was released to atmosphere.


Design, manufacture, supply, deliver and intsall 1 No carbon scrubber with a purpose built Non Return Valve (NRV) to prevent pressurisation of the membrane and treat odours from the gas storage bag being released to atmosphere.


Release of odours form the tank were eliminated.


Solution:    Passive activated carbon vessel with specially designed NRV

Footprint:  4.9m2


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