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Kombi-Skrub -
Dry Chemical Scrubbers

Dry Chemical Scrubbing uses a combination of powerful oxidising agents to change the chemical structure of odourous compounds which cause nuisance and complaints.

Kombi-Skrub - Dry Chemical Scrubbers

The dry media bed maintains the benefits of traditional dry scrubbing systems particularly the simplicity and versatility of design whilst offering the advantage of improved performance especially when compared to single bed and adsorptive bed products.


  • Removes virtually all odours
  • Single pass treatment
  • Forced or passive ventilation
  • Modular design versatility
  • Low pressure loss
  • Cost effective
  • Large range of sizes
  • No customer contact with chemicals
  • Range of media life options
  • Quick and easy media renewal
  • No water supply required


  • Various filter sizes available to deal with a large range of air treatment volumes
  • Each container is designed to meet the specific requirements of the customer and normally comprise three layers: roughing, polishing and optitional fine polishing

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