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Odour Control

Location: Dagenham, UK

Client: ReFood (SARIA)

Completed: August 2017

Project Information


The ReFood facility in Dagenham is owned by the SARIA Group and is located at the London Sustainable Industries Park and will be open to businesses in London. The new AD plant will be capable of processing 160,000 tonnes of food waste a year.


The principle threat of odour nuisance in the depackaging building was expected to be organic acids and VOC's. The odour predicted in the digestate pump room was ammonia at around 30 ppm.


Following the successful installation of CSO Technik's Terminodour™ Odour Control System at the existing ReFood plant in Widnes, Terminodour™ was also selected for Dagenham. The Widnes Case Study is available here.


The system enables people to work in a pleasant environment and not have odour embedded in their clothes on exiting the premises, and of course ensures that no odour is perceptible at the boundary.

Depackaging/Category 3 Transfer Building Data:

Building Volume:                              21,600 m3

Number of AHU's installed:            3

Terminodour™ Footprint:               3.5 x 3.0m each

Power Consumption:                       11 kW (per unit)

Digestate Pump Room Data:

Building Volume:                              238 m3

Number of AHU's installed:            1

Terminodour™ Footprint:               2.5 x 1.0m 

Power Consumption:                       0.75 kW


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