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Odour Control
Wet Chemical

Location: Merevale

Client: Greenfinch Ltd (A Biogen Company)

Completed: December 2015

Project Information



The Merevale site was a new build project and required an odour control system to prevent the emission of ammonia based odours.

The predicted odour concentration based on the client’s previous experience was 300 mg/m3 (approximately 400 ppm). CSO were required to provide a guaranteed emission of less than 30 mg/m3.


Solids separation building where pasteurised sludge would be screened.


Design, manufacture, deliver, offload, install and commission a complete acid scrubbing system complete with IBC reception station, local control panel, extraction Fan, interconnecting ductwork, field ductwork, electrical cabling, pipework and emission stack complete with emission measurement point, access ladder and gantry. To provide maximum efficiency the fan had variable speed motor and was controlled via an S7-1200 PLC with HMI display and linked into the clients SCADA system.


The target reduction was 90% (30 mg/m3 – or 40 ppm) but that actual reduction was >99%.


Flow Rate:                      4,000m3/hr

Odour Challenge: In:     200 mg/m3 Ammonia (280 ppm)

Odour Challenge: Out:  >99% (0.708 mg/m3 – or 1 ppm)

Footprint:                        6m2        


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