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Kombi-Skrub -
Ammonia Scrubbers

Where ammonia is present in gases or exhaust this compound needs to be removed in order to protect subsequent plant equipment (ammonia is e.g. harmful to any biology such as used in biofilter for odour control).

Kombi-Skrub - Ammonia Scrubbers

An ammonia scrubber is highly effective in removing ammonia from gas streams.


  • Range of sizes to comply with customer needs
  • Especially designed for the purpose
  • Adapts to variable rates instantaneously
  • Very high ammonia abatement achievable
  • Optimised chemical consumption
  • 10 year media life
  • Small footprint


  • Speical media is optimising the mass transfer
  • pH control ensures removal and optimises the chemical consumption
  • Our IBC Reception Station is the ideal supplement to ensure a secure chemical dosing

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