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Heat Exchangers

Location: Runcorn WWTW

Client: United Utilities

Completed: April 2014

Project Information



United Utilities is one of the largest providers of water and waste water services in the UK. Runcorn WWTW is based in the North West of England, the plant has an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant in process providing energy and heat from waste water sludge.


Heat exchanger for digestion process in AD plant.


Design, supply, install and commission 1 No Lackeby Heat exchanger in stainless steel with external insulation and stainless steel outer cover.


Duty:              90 m3/hr

Application:  Sludge / Water

Objective:      Heat incoming sludge from between 31°C to 33°C and maintain the                         average temperature at a constant 36°C

Model Type:  VSV 100-210

Length:           3.6 m


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Lackeby Heat Exchanger - Sludge / Water
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