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Solids Handling

Location: Buxton WWTW

Client: Severn Trent Water

Contractor: MWH Global

Completed: 2013

Project Information



The client had installed an MBR plant that was suffering blockages and high levels of maintenance and operational costs. The existing screens had a 3mm perforation but were still allowing too much through to the MBR’s, 1.5mm perforated drum screens also supplied by CSO were installed and a system was needed to remove the solids and convey them into a skip.


Removal and compaction of solids greater than 1.5mm in two directions from the drum screens into a waste disposal skip.


Design and manufacture 1 No Lackeby Shaftless screw press to reduce the bulk of the screenings and convey them to a skip.


Successfully reduced the bulk of waste and depositing it into a skip.

Project Data:

Model:                SSP 260

Capacity:            3 m3/hr

Dry Solids, Out:  25%


Products featured in this case study

Lackeby Shaftless Screw Conveyors Lackeby Shaftless Screw Press
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