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SAGE Confirms UV-C Effectiveness Against Virus

The UK Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) have published a summary of disinfection technologies. Their environmental and modelling group confirm that there is good evidence that UV-C light is a viable decontamination system and can also be beneficial where existing ventilation rates cannot be improved. SAGE states that care in application, design and air flow rates are important factors that must be considered.

The Viroxx system supplied in the UK by CSO Group utilises UV-C light and has been successfully tested by the Robert Koch Institute of Virology on coronavirus and proven to destroy the virus within a minute. The mobile Viroxx unit is suitable for room volumes up to 150m³. For larger applications, the Viroxx technology can be built into existing ventilation systems or can be provided as part of a completely new ventilation system.

As recommended by SAGE the importance of social distancing, hand washing, surface cleansing etc. guidance should always be adhered to. However, the Viroxx system can provide further protection as an effective method of reducing airborne transmission of viruses and bacteria. The system can play an important role in areas where social distancing is more difficult to achieve, such as the transport sector.

CSO Group can help organisations with the design manufacture and installation of the Viroxx technology in new and existing ventilation systems or supply portable standalone units for immediate use.

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