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Viroxx - Virus Neutralisation

Optimising Internal air quality by permanently reducing viruses, bacteria and odours.


  • Laboratory proven to neutralise the original SARS-CoV-1 corona virus and H1N1 below the level of detection in 60 and 0.5 seconds respectively (tested at the Phillips Marburg University, Germany)
  • Can reduce MRSA by 96.5% (average)
  • Oxidises volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and malodours
  • Removes particulates

The 5-stage process incorporates:

  • 1. Pre-filter to protect the internal equipment
  • 2. Photo-chemical (UV-C) disinfection to neutralise Viruses and Bacteria
  • 3. Catalytic section to prevent UV-C light from escaping the unit
  • 4. HEPA filter to ensure that dead virus cells cannot be passed back into the room
  • 5. Ionisation section to provide clean ionised air that will also destroy bacteria in the room

Product information

Suitable for rooms up to 150m³ (max)
No specialist installation – just plug in.
Mounted on wheels for easy movement
Compact design
Low Power consumption (140W)

Video of easy set-up - straight out of the box

Case Studies

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