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Bending Weir

Improving hydraulic capacity at minimal cost

Bending Weir

The Bending Weir System provides wastewater companies the opportunity to increase storm water storage capacity without building new and expensive storm tanks.  

It is possible to increase the depth of the storm water storage tanks by up to 900mm thereby increasing hydraulic capacity of an existing storm water tank by 0.9m³ for every square meter of surface area with no or minimal civil works.

The system does not impact the overflow capacity of the existing weir. It effectively delays the point of discharge during a storm event reducing both the frequency and duration of spills. The system can be utilised in conjunction with our Pump Action or Static Wave Screen providing increased protection to the receiving watercourse. 

The system can also be used to prevent backflow from flooded outlets.

The system is robust and simple with no external power supply required.

Maintenance is minimal and the bearings are sealed for life.


  • Increases storm storage capacity without major civil works
  • Reduces the frequency and duration of storm events
  • Can be used in conjunction with CSO screens
  • Provides Backflow protection in the event of flooded overflows
  • Robust low maintenance system
  • Easy to retrofit into existing installations
  • Can also be used on new tanks to reduce civil costs
  • Stainless steel construction

Technical Data

  • Max Weir Length: 6m
  • Height Range: 300 - 900mm
  • Material of Construction: 304 or 316 Stainless Steel

Case Studies

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