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Lackeby Floating Decanters

The Lackeby Floating decanter is developed specifically for Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) plants combines a reliable solution with a number of process related benefits. This decanter fulfils the requirements for maintenance-free decanting set by SBR plants.

Lackeby Floating Decanter

The Lackeby Floating decanters are based entirely on gravity and differential pressure. The decanting pipe, which floats on the water surface with the help of floating pontoons, has evenly distributed decanting holes to create an even flow. Due to the floating design with decanting holes located just beneath the surface clean water is always decanted.

The decanting holes are fitted with patented closing function, which efficiently prevents sludge from entering the decanting pipe during aeration and agitation.

Process Benefits

  • Moves freely in vertical plane with maximum distance from settled sludge in the decanting process
  • Decanting is carried out at a satisfactory distance from the surface sludge
  • Creates low water flow velocity with no risk of eddies and sludge migration
  • Prevents unwanted sludge entering the outflow pipe
  • Minimises need for maintenance and electrical installations

Technical Features

  • Flexible connection in the tank and fully floating design
  • Evenly spread decanting holes are located along the decanter under the water surface
  • Patented automatic closing function based on gravitation and differential pressure
  • Contains no conventional valves or pumps

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