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Flushing Drum

In most storm water storage tanks and channels, effective flushing is required to keep the tank floors free of debris and settled sludge to ensure storage capacity and minimise odours.

Flushing Drums

The flushing drum system is an effective, automatic cleaning device, which utilises combined storm water to flush the tank without the use of an external energy supply, final effluent or fresh water, minimising the load on the sewage treatment plant. The system is very flexible and therefore ideal for retrofitting into existing tanks as well as new constructions.


  • Effective cleaning of storm water storage tanks and channels, due to the effective drum design that provides a powerful flushing action
  • Large Flushing volume for effective cleaning
  • No external power supply required
  • Very economical as no additional water supply required
  • Particularly suitable for shallow tanks
  • Minimal civil costs compared with more traditional systems such as flushing gates
  • Designed in accordance with German regulation DWA-A 166
  • Volume of receiving sump can be reduced by triggering drums to be flushed sequentially
  • Flexible system enables a wide range of Installation options (arrangement, number of flushing lanes, filling, releasing and size can be adapted to the location)
  • No bump stops required to return drum to its start point reducing costs and noise
  • Suitable for use in hazardous areas in accordance with directive 94/9 EC (ATEX) for Ex-Zone 1



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