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VacFlush™ is a vacuum flushing system, used to clean tank floors and sewers without the need for hazardous man entry into the tank



Circular Storm Tanks - up to 65m diameter

Rectangular Storm Tanks - up to 150m in length

Sewer Networks - up to 250m in length


  • No submerged moving parts
  • No man entry required for maintenance
  • No risk of blockage
  • High volume flushing action even after small spills
  • Low energy requirements
  • Cleaning action utilises storm water from the tank
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Designed for automatic control
  • Variable running options such as mixing the tank water by flushing into a half filled tank which reduced settlement
  • For circular tanks, the flushing chamber column can be used as a structural support


  • Units designed and sized to suit your required design parameters

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