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Lackeby Heat Exchanger
Air / Water

Heat transfer between air and water.

Lackeby Heat Exchanger - Air / Water

The Lackeby Heat exchanger air / water has been developed to extend the service life of the membranes used in aeration tanks at sites such as wastewater treatment plants. The unit also recovers heat from the blower-produced air stream that can be used for the heating of ventilation air or tap water.

As standard, Lackeby Heat exchanger air / water are manufactured in stainless steel with copper cooling tubes.


  • Extends service life of membranes, thereby reducing maintenance costs
  • Reduces pressure loss and eliminates sensitivity to clogging on the air side
  • Simplifies installation in both new and existing plants
  • Makes disassembly easier for thorough inspection and maintenance

Technical Features

  • Effective temperature reduction of air passing through aeration membranes
  • Free air flow around the surface - maximising copper loops, which contain a circulating cooling agent
  • Axial mounting on the air pipe
  • Concentrically arranged cooling system
  • Flanged casing and front end
  • Robust and compact design



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