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Kombi-Skrub -
Bio Trickling Filters (BTF)

The CSO Group Bio Trickling Filter (BTF) is designed to provide the ideal conditions for sulphur reducing bacteria and others to thrive.

Kombi-Skrub - Bio Trickling Filters (BTF)

A media bed provides a home for the bacteria and gives good mass transfer of H2S gas and other compounds from the gaseous phase to the liquid phase where the bacteria can easily consume them.

Water is trickled from the top of the vessel contain the media bed, counter-current to the air entering from the bottom of the vessel, causing the air to being forced into prolonged contact with the bacteria film. The atomised water also has contact with the air, causing the gaseous compounds to dissolve in the water and giving the bacteria additional access to them.


  • 10 year media life
  • No chemicals required
  • Uses final effluent
  • Re-circulating/nutrient dosing option
  • Low energy consumption
  • Highly effective H2S removal (90-99%)
  • Can be paired with activated carbon for total odour removal


  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Waste Recycling
  • Other industries associated with the collection and processing of organic material

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