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Kombi-Skrub - BiOC System

Biological desulphurisation systems are a proven and well-engineered solution for medium to high sulphur loads, where carbon systems would have significantly higher and unreasonable operational costs for our clients.

Kombi-Skrub - BiOC System

The Kombi-Skrub - BiOC System is a biological desulphurisation process that uses naturally existing sulphur bacteria to reduce H2S from exhaust gases. With high oxygen contents, typical for odour control applications this process produces sulphuric acid. This product can be used as a good fertiliser.


  • High H2S removal rates of up to 99%
  • Low to very low OPEX
  • Very low pressure drop
  • Customised plant design
  • No chemical required
  • Long design life (vessel, media, piping all in plastic)


  • Stand-alone solution (no operation interlink with overall plant necessary
  • Plant control via Siemens PLC solution
  • Design adapted to and fully compliant with UK regulations

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